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Strikethrough Scenarios In Mails

When can the strikethrough option be used in everyday documents? Many keep wondering whether this feature would be really useful at all. Think again.

You are forwarding (or replying to) an email. You are intent on discussing one or more points related to the original mail received by you. But you also want to draw the attention of the recipient/s of your mail to certain portions of the original mail while the rest is irrelevant to the receiver. (You also do not want to add a highlighting to the selected content which might lead to a confusion as to whether you added the emphasis or it was originally there). All the while, you also don't want the reader to lose the context in which the selected portions of the text were found. What do you do now?

You can strikethrough the content that is irrelevant to the point you are discussing in your mail. It preserves the complete context of the selected content and drives home the point quickly and well.

If you have another scenario for this this strikethrough feature, please share.