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Use Yammer effectively - it complements your SharePoint

Here are some more scenarios where Yammer might qualify as the best platform...

  • I am writing a biography of … Does anybody have info?
  • We are putting up a kiosk to help tax payers. Any volunteers to counsel? We will decide on the date and venue soon. Wait for an announcement...
  • Contribute generously to the welfare fund for the daily wage earners in our company...
  • We are in need of a person who can run errands for our employees. Any recommendations?
  • Did you read the latest book by the bestselling author XYZ? Here are some gleanings from the pages…
  • My son is looking for some material on Nano-technology for the textile industry for his thesis. Can someone help?
  • We are contemplating on bringing in a new leave approval policy. Please provide your inputs to make the process a democratic one.
  • We have made it a mandatory requirement to bring in a helmet if you want to use the two wheeler parking. Is this a good move? Please share your opinions here…
  • We are intending to enter into the Middle East market with our product. Would our product take off here?
  • I am thankful to Mr X who helped me with his expertise on pivot tables that made my job easy to analyze my sales report. Truly, Mr X is the Mr. Excel of our company.
  • Our quarterly get-together "The successful Q4" is planned for the 4th April 2015. We are intending to do a broadcast of this through Yammer. You will see real-time content shared like photos, interviews, comments and feedback on Yammer. Try your hand at participating here at this YamJam event with your inputs and shares and make it a memorable day.
  • I came across this feature in Word that will save a lot of time for all of us who work day in and day out in MS Word. Please try and share your comments here…
  • Anybody familiar with the vlookup function in Excel? I was told that it saves me a lot of effort searching for info in a table.
  • I am on an official trip to Amsterdam. I will be sharing some of the wonderful photos that I click at this place. If you are interested, follow me here.
  • I am floating a group named The Blood Donors. Interested to join? Invite others who would be interested.