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Where can I use Yammer effectively?

​Many of us have a question – I have email for official communication, SharePoint Discussion boards and Document libraries for collaboration and I have Lync for IM and filesharing. Why should I use Yammer? Here are some scenarios where you can use Yammer effectively. I want you to notice that many of the scenarios given here are commonplace in many business enterprises today. And without Yammer, you will still be wondering what to do in such ecenarios.

Who can help me with this project?

I have taken up a new responsibility in my company just a few days before. I have been handed over a project that was revived from the yesteryears. The project report gives me very limited information. I have no clue on who worked on this project or who I can approach to get some inputs on this. Some might have left the company but many might be in still – though engaged in other projects or handling other responsibilities. Some might even be staying close by me but I cannot run around asking every individual about this. Some might very well be working from other locations – even abroad. I can't send a mail to all company – I have no permission to use this distribution list. And, even if I had permission, I cannot use this means to seek help as this mail might be a nuisance to many who are not concerned with it. Most mails sent to All Company group do not receive the attention that my project deserves. Where do I go? To the All Company group of Yammer - of course.

What is our protocol to engage with So & So?

I am the newly appointed Accounts Manager. I need to connect with one of the Accounts receivables. Who had engaged with the concerned person earlier? What kind of a person is this individual? Friendly? Egoistic? Is there a hierarchy in the client company that I need to engage with to connect with this person in the most effective way and with the least resistance? Does anybody in my company have some information about the customer that will be valuable for this engagement? Is there a means by which I can gather all this information from various sources inside the company? Yes. Yammer is the answer. The Finance and Accounts group might be the one I need to approach.

Who is/are handling this account?

I am a Customer accounts manager and have been given additional accounts to handle. While some of the accounts are familiar to me, many are new. One of the accounts, I am told, might close a deal of a substantial size very soon. But I need more information than just the name of the account and the numbers. What approach might be the best? This being a sizable deal, are there other approaches that might help close the deal faster? Who are the decision makers in the customer's business? Who are all the people who have handled this account in the past? Who all have additional intelligence on this account that might drive the opportunity towards the desired result? Will "Managed Accounts" group in Yammer help here? Bingo.

I am new to the company. Where can I find…?

I am glad that I have got a job in this company. My posting is in a city I know very little of. And, I am worried as to where I will stay. Thankfully, I have been given company accommodation temporarily – only for the first two weeks. I should find a place to live. Does some staff live anywhere around the office? Is there anybody who can help me find a decent accommodation somewhere close by the office? Has anybody noticed a To Let board? Please post this info here in this "Volunteers" group in Yammer. I will be very thankful to you. And we can also become friends.

Where can I find the latest Travel Policy information?

I keep travelling everywhere on business. I hear that there have been some changes to the existing Travel Policy. What are the latest changes? Would it affect the way I work and travel? Am I still qualified for travel reimbursement to such and such a place? Would I be allowed to travel Business class in flights? Has anybody noticed any fine-print that I had missed? When is this new policy coming into force? What is the last date I can submit my travel bills under the old policy? Hundred questions? Yammer might be the right place for this. Is there a "Mobile Employees" group?

Who is going to the conference?

I have been nominated by my management as one of the delegates to the conference being held in the US. An official announcement is on its way but this might not be too soon. This being my first trip to the US I feeling a bit jittery. I am eager to know who else is going. Who is taking care of the logistics? What are the things that I need to get ready of? Credentials? Papers? Travel baggage? What must/mustn't I carry with me? What would the company provide me on its part? Does anybody know what the weather in the US during the time of the conference would be like? Thankfully, there is a group named "International conference" in Yammer. I can approach this group for most of my queries, if not all. All Employees group might provide me rest of the info.

What are the common objections from prospects?

I am one of the Inside Sales Managers in the company. We have recently launched a new sales campaign. While the training and post-training instructions have been given to the teams that will be directly involved in the customer interaction, it would be helpful if there is a common forum where all of us involved in the campaign can come together to exchange ideas and share among ourselves the everyday challenges we face during our interactions with customer. How are the customers reacting to our proposal? Is our marketing strategy right? What are the various objections raised by the customers to our product? To our price? To our offer? How many wins are happening daily and who is leading the pack in sales? Let us start a group with the campaign name in Yammer and let us all get connected for real-time information.

The competition is up to this. What do we do?

I am a member of the strategic marketing group. I have market intelligence that there is a very heavy competition to our product – feature wise as well as price wise. At least two of our competitors are resolute on breaking into our market and topple our leader's position. Unfortunately, the decision makers of our company are spread across geographies and work in different time zones. We need to address this issue with severity ONE. Can we post our ideas here in Yammer? Let "Strategic Marketing" group be the place where we will brainstorm and come up with our valuable inputs to reframe our approach. Should we add a couple of features? Is tweaking needed anywhere? How far down can we bring our price? What is the optimal dealer discount? Are there new sales incentives we can announce? What are the drawbacks in our competitors' products that we can attack in our ad campaigns? Should we take it head-on?

Does anyone have experience with…?

I have joined as the facility management guy in this company quite recently. My responsibility includes managing the audio visual equipment. The Audio Mixer in the auditorium is very old and I have never seen this all my life. I searched for the user manual in vain. There seems to be nobody around me who is aware of the operations of this equipment. Help! Has anybody in this organization handled this equipment before? Does anybody have experience in using this Audio Mixer Samson MDR 1064 -10 channel audio mixer? Can anybody lend me a user manual? Best candidate for the All company group in Yammer?

Anyone knows a good tax-lawyer?

I am now is the process of filing my IT returns. But I have a lot of clarification to seek before I can finalize my returns. My auditor has migrated to a foreign country and has not been approachable ever since. I am badly in need of some professional help in this regard. Can anyone here in our company direct me to a tax-lawyer who is trustworthy and dependable? I need somebody with whom I can trust my confidential information.

More scenarios to come...